Individual Plan of Study (IPS)

A Key Element in Your Student's Success

An Individual Plan of Study provides each student with a holistic roadmap to support his or her journey through Insight School of Kansas and onward to post-secondary opportunities.

Developed in partnership with the student's family and Insight staff, the Individual Plan of Study captures course plans, personal interests and a student's college and career aspirations. For a struggling student, the IPS takes on even greater importance.

You student’s Academic Counselor will work with you and your student create a unique plan for your student, designed to organize and properly sequence your student's coursework while articulating his or her academic strengths and challenges.

The IPS expands beyond academic objectives to include post-secondary goals for college and/or a career.

As important as the Individual Plan of Study is, it is just one of the innovative elements that make up our plan for your student's success. For example, read on to learn about the unique Social and Emotional Learning program.