Adult Program for High School Completion

In Life, you never stop learning.

Insight School of Kansas's tuition-free Adult Learner Program gives you the chance to complete the requirements for a high school diploma, no matter how long ago or at what point you left, or for whatever reason—personal, family, or job responsibilities. This is not a GED program, a quick way to earn the equivalent of a high school diploma. Rather, Insight School of Kansas's Adult Learner Program is a tuition- free, full-time, fully accredited, online program developed specifically to give adult learners the chance to finish high school at the pace that is right for them.

Program features:

  • Online courses and flexible scheduling that fits your daily life, so you can complete schoolwork while addressing your day-to-day responsibilities
  • Access to courses from anywhere there is an Internet connection
  • Multiple levels of core subjects and world language courses
  • Elective courses in three career tracks—Liberal Arts, Entrepreneurial, and Science & Technology
  • College and career planning courses and tools that give you the information you need for life after high school
  • Highly qualified, Kansas-licensed, subject-specific teachers who provide instruction and support
  • Scheduling options that allow you to concentrate on fewer courses at a time and focus on mastering concepts

In addition to courses in English/language arts, math, science, history, and world languages, Insight School of Kansas's Adult Learner Program also offers three elective career tracks that allow adult students to focus on a particular post-school path:

  • Liberal Arts includes electives like journalism, public speaking, psychology, and other topics that prepare students for possible careers in sales, management, health care, education, and more.
  • The Entrepreneurial track features topics such as personal finance, economics, marketing, and entrepreneurship to prepare students for starting a new business, launching a franchise, or contracting in a variety of industries.
  • Science and Technology electives include forensic science, computer literacy, image design and editing, and more for those wishing to explore careers in IT, computer programming, and other technology-related fields.